Overstuffed Potatoes

The Best Overstuffed Potatoes in Ridgecrest, CA

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Welcome to The Patriot Bar and Grill, your go-to local bar and grill in Ridgecrest, CA, where comfort food meets creativity. Here, we elevate the humble potato to a culinary delight with our mouthwatering selection of overstuffed potatoes. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted to satisfy your cravings and keep you coming back for more. Don't just take our word for it — reserve your table today, and experience the magic for yourself!

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Buffalo Chicken

Our Buffalo Chicken overstuffed potato is a game changer. Imagine freshly baked potatoes filled to the brim with grilled chicken, drenched in our signature buffalo and butter sauce, and topped with blue cheese, house-made sour cream, and chives. It's the perfect blend of spicy and creamy, designed to fuel your sports-watching sessions at our sports bar and grill.

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Next up, our Cheeseburger overstuffed potato takes the classic American cheeseburger and turns it on its head. We stuff a russet baked potato with a juicy hamburger patty, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese, then top it off with tomato, our secret mayo-based sauce, house-made sour cream, and chives. It's comfort food that feels like a hug from the inside out.

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Bacon & Blue Cheese

For those who love bold flavors, our Bacon & Blue Cheese overstuffed potato is a must-try. This dish combines crispy bacon and tangy blue cheese with a baked russet potato, finished with house-made sour cream and chives. It's a rich, flavorful, and satisfying option for anyone looking for something a bit different.

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Try the Best Overstuffed Potatoes in Ridgecrest, CA

At The Patriot Bar and Grill, we're more than another local bar and grill — we're a family of sports fans and food lovers alike. Whether you're here to enjoy our live music, participate in a game of billiards, or simply indulge in our delicious food, you're always welcome. Our overstuffed potatoes are waiting to be your next favorite meal. So why wait? reserve your table today, and let us treat you to an unforgettable dining experience. Your table is ready, and so are we!

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