The Best Appetizers in Ridgecrest, CA

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At The Patriot Bar and Grill in Ridgecrest, CA, we take pride in providing our customers with a delightful dining experience. With comfortable seating, friendly staff, and a relaxed ambiance, we invite you to join us and indulge in our mouthwatering appetizers.

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Irish Nachos

  • 13.00
  • Satisfy your cravings with our signature Irish Nachos. This appetizer's combination of flavors and textures is a crowd favorite and will surely leave you wanting more.
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Bacon Jalapeño Poppers

  • 10.00
  • Kickstart your taste buds with our savory and spicy Bacon Jalapeño Poppers. These delectable bites are packed with just the right amount of heat.
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Chips & Salsa

  • 9.00
  • Enjoy a classic favorite with our Chips & Salsa. Our crispy tortilla chips are served with a flavorful homemade salsa that combines just the right amount of tang and spice.
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Pulled Pork Nachos

  • 13.00
  • Indulge in a mouthwatering combination of flavors with our Pulled Pork Nachos. This appetizer is a delightful twist on traditional nachos.
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Vegetable Spring Rolls

  • 7.00
  • Filled with a colorful medley of fresh veggies, these crispy rolls are served with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. They are a refreshing and flavorful appetizer.
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Basket of Fries

  • 5.00
  • Craving a classic? Our Basket of Fries is a simple yet satisfying appetizer. Served hot and crispy, these golden fries are seasoned to perfection and are the perfect accompaniment to any meal.
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Cajun Chicken Tenders

  • 10.00
  • For a taste of Southern comfort, try our Cajun Chicken Tenders. Tender strips of seasoned chicken are coated in a crispy Cajun breading, serving up a delicious blend of flavors and spices.
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Onion Rings

  • 10.00
  • Enjoy a classic appetizer with our Onion Rings. These crispy and golden rings are made with fresh onions and coated in a flavorful batter.
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Corn Nuggets

  • 5.00
  • Crunch into a delightful bite with our Corn Nuggets. These bite-sized fritters are made with a savory cornmeal batter and are crispy on the outside while bursting with sweet corn on the inside.
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Mozzarella Sticks

  • 9.00
  • Savor the gooey goodness of our Mozzarella Sticks. These golden sticks are filled with melted mozzarella cheese and served with a tangy marinara sauce.
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Chips & Guacamole

  • 9.00
  • Delight in the freshness of our Chips & Guacamole. This appetizer is a perfect start to any meal!
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At The Patriot Bar and Grill, our appetizers are crafted with care to ensure maximum flavor and satisfaction. Join us today to indulge in a delightful dining experience filled with mouthwatering appetizers and a welcoming atmosphere.

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